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NeptuneLabs FSI Viewer is a web based viewer for high resolution images. It enables internet users to magnify image sections or view objects from different viewing angles or in different states, requiring low bandwidth only.   This makes product presentations more haptical, more appealing. FSI Viewer is based on Adobe Flash™ Player on the client-side and accesses image data provided by single source imaging servers. These servers provide scaled and compressed image data on-demand based on high resolution source images.

Most innovative viewers on the internet require special browser plug-ins that the user is forced to download and install. This is why the penetration of most of these viewers is comparably low. FSI Viewer on the other hand is based on the most popular browser plug-in worldwide, the Adobe Flash™ Player. The penetration of the Flash Player exceeds 99% of all internet users in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia (source:Adobe). The default setup of the most popular browsers already contains the Adobe Flash Player.
Integrating FSI Viewer into web pages is as easy as integrating a standard Flash program into a HTML page. This is why FSI Viewer is compatible to almost every content management system currently available. Even presenting huge amounts of images with FSI Viewer of FSI Showcase using databases and server-side scripts is very easy.
  Supported Browsers:
Easy to Use
The self explaining user interface of the viewer with tool tips for each interface element enables even inexperienced users to unfold the functionality of FSI Viewer within seconds. The viewer constantly reacts on user input and the progress bar informs the user about the current progress of image detail loading.

Moving the mouse inside the image area, the user can select an image section to magnify, rotate or pan the image depending on the selected mouse mode. The integrated navigator window provides an overview and displays the image section currently viewed.
  • Clear layout of all interface elements
  • Custom skins available
  • Navigator window displaying the current image section
  • Animated zoom transitions
  • User interface can be hidden to maximize the image area
  • Optional maximum magnification
  • Image rotation around z-axis
  • Customizable via XML-configuration files or HTML parameters
  • Progress bar displaying the load progress
FSI Viewer is configured using XML configuration files or HTTP queries. With FSI Parameters, the viewer can be customized in many aspects, like menu alignment and layout, visibility of the navigator   window, image quality, animation speed, image quality and many more. Additionally FSI Viewer can be extended with FSI Plug-ins at runtime.
FSI Viewer has been designed for use with different user interface languages. Languages packs can be included at runtime just like FSI plug-ins. Currently FSI Viewer ships with the listed languages. Additional languages are available on request.  
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Croatian
  • Slovenian
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • Polish
FSI Viewer and Dynamic Imaging Servers are highly scalable. This allows using FSI Viewer with small amounts of images as well as using FSI Viewer in high load environments, like in online shops with thousands of images.   For high load environments the new NeptuneLabs FSI Cache Application is recommended. It serves as a caching proxy and reduces the load on the imaging server, minimizes client connection time and therefore enhances the overall performance of your imaging solution.
FSI Viewer
FSI Viewer Non-ASP Editions
The table to the right covers FSI Viewer 5 single server licenses on a per customer basis.

Basic Edition Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Order ID F5-B F5-S F5-E
Net Price € 499.00 € 1,269.00 € 2,249.00
incl. 19% VAT* € 593.81 € 1,510.11 € 2,676.31
*VAT does not apply to companies located outside Germany