Extend FSI Viewer dynamically
FSI Viewer can be dynamically extended at runtime using FSI plug-ins. The modular design of FSI products ensures a perfect caching behavior and allows a high level of customization. FSI Viewer without any plug-in merely contains the basic   product zoom functionality required to view high resolution images (e.g. only 3 buttons for 'Reset', 'Zoom In' and 'Zoom Out' are present by default). With FSI Plug-ins you can dynamically extend the functionality, add buttons and user interface elements.
Default Plug-ins
FSI Viewer ships with a set of 20 free plug-ins. The plug-ins can be combined freely.   Click a plug-in name to display a sample and description of the selected plug-in.

Plug-in Bundle
The Plug-in Bundle contains plug-ins adding extended but less frequently required functionality to FSI Viewer. The bundle is included in the Enterprise and ASP Editions of FSI-Viewer and is optionally available for the Basic and Standard Edition.
The bundle contains 5 additional plug-ins.
Custom Plug-in development
If the desired functionality is not available using any of the existing plug-ins, then FSI Viewer can be extended by custom plug-ins developed to your needs. Everything that can be implemented within a Flash program can   be integrated into an FSI plug-in. Custom plug-ins can be developed by NeptuneLabs on request. Please contact us to discuss the details of custom plug-in development.
Plug-in Configuration
FSI Plug-ins can be added for each FSI Viewer instance individually. To integrate a plug-in you simply have to add a single line of XML to the viewer configuration. E.g. the line
<plugin src="MaxZoom" /> adds the MaxZoom plug-in to the viewer and integrates a button into the user interface to magnify to the maximum resolution of the image.
  Some plug-ins can additionally be customized using plug-in parameters. For example the ClockProgress plug-in can be adjusted regarding size, colors, position and opacity adding corresponding parameters to the plug-in tag.
FSI Viewer documentation provides a complete description of available plug-in parameters.
FSI Plug-ins
The table to the right covers single server licenses on a per customer basis.

Using a plug-in with FSI Viewer and FSI Showcase requires a single license only, provided it is being used on the same server.
Basic Edition Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Default Plug-ins included
Plug-in Bundle optional included

Download as PDF Basic Edition Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
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Plug-in Bundle
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The Default Plug-ins as well as the Plug-in Bundle are included in the ASP Editions of FSI Viewer.