Publish dynamic on-line Catalogs and Booklets - with FSI Pages Converter
NeptuneLabs FSI Pages Add-on presents a collection of images or pages of a PDF document like a printed booklet.   The FSI Pages Converter, which comes with your FSI Pages Add-on for free, is a powerful and easy to use tool to convert your PDF Files into Image-server-ready TIF files in no time.

Present your Catalog PDF with FSI Pages
FSI Pages Add-on helps to enhance the customers browsing experience. With FSI Pages Converter you can easily convert your PDF catalogs. There is no need for image editing or any other kind of pre-processing.
FSI Pages Converter splits double pages into single images, removes cropmarks in the PDF file, helps adding links and custom tooltip information from the PDF itself or from external Microsoft Excel™ or CSV files and more.
  In detail only the following steps are required to convert your PDF to high resolution TIF images:
  • Start FSI Pages converter
  • Choose the PDF to convert
  • Select output path and the desired options
  • Start converting the PDF

FSI Pages Converter processing a PDF
FSI Pages Converter has a wide range of options that can be set to match your custom needs.
It is capable to detect sticky notes used in the original PDF file, extract them, and generate the information needed for FSI Viewer to generate custom links and present specific information for each item in the catalog.
Merging pictures with external data, like Excelsheets, is also easily possible.
  FSI Pages Converter indexes your specific descriptive text and thereby enables the full text search option within FSI Pages Add-on.
An integrated help explains all options in detail when moving the mouse over the option checkboxes or input fields.
Our on-line FSI Pages Converter tutorials. will help you to provide your customers with zoomable on-line catalogs instead of plain downloadable PDF files.