Imaging Server Cache and Proxy
FSI Cache is a web application designed to run in a Java servlet container. Its primary aim is to serve as a cache for one or more imaging servers. Imaging servers like the FSI Server are optimized for processing image data and therefore generating content. They have hardware and system requirements quite different to those of a server meant for delivering content. In high performance environments with heavy traffic load on the servers, content delivery consumes immense system resources reducing image processing performance.

  In scenarios like this a cache is the best way to handle increasing traffic and optimize website performance.

FSI Cache is especially designed and optimized to cache the contents of imaging servers. Regardless of the type of service you are offering, classic single source imaging or zoomable high resolution images using FSI Viewer, FSI Cache will reduce the load on your imaging server and increase your websites performance.

Key Features and Editions
The Basic Edition provides all features neccessary to increase website performance and reduce imaging server load in small to medium sized environments. It is the ideal extension to the FSI Server for classic single source imaging or dynamic imaging solutions using FSI Viewer.   The Enterprise Edition is designed for medium to large businesses with high-traffic websites. It comes with all the features included in the Basic Edition and additionally provides the functionality needed to integrate FSI Cache into large environments.
Basic Edition Features
  • Supports all versions of FSI Viewer
  • Cache control and cleaning mechanisms
  • Fallback image support
  • Log4J support
  • Supports eRez Server 3 to 5 and FSI Server
  • Webinterface for configuration and maintenance
  • up to 4 Imaging server access profiles
  • Access image server via SSL
  • Native eRez addressing
    (redirect eRez queries to FSI Server)
  • Query passthrough
  Enterprise Edition Features
  • All features of the Basic Edition
  • Supports nearly any server using Passthrough profiles
  • Serves as a transparent caching proxy for FSI Server by providing native style addressing
  • Offers integrated protection against Denial of Service attacks on the application level
  • Unlimited number of profiles
  • Load balancing between multiple imaging servers
  • URL encryption support
  • Redirection (In-Profile and Pre-Profile Path replacer)
System Requirements
Hardware requirements
  • 2 GHz Pentium 4 or better
  • 1 GB free memory (2 GB or more recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space depends on the amount of image data to be cached
  Software Requirements
  • Java Runtime Environment: Sun Java SE 5 or newer
  • Web Application Server providing Java Servlet API 2.4 or newer
    (Apache Tomcat Version 5.5 or newer recommended)
Server Side:
  • FSI Server
  • eRez Imaging Server 3-5
  Client Side:
  • All versions of FSI Viewer / Pages / Showcase
All licences are valid for a single FSI Cache installation accessing an unlimited number of imaging servers.  
Electronic shipping only,
English user interface (via FSI Administrator),
English manual (PDF).

The table to the right covers FSI Cache on a per server licence basis.
FSI Cache Basic FSI Cache Enterprise
Net Price € 680.00 € 1,590.00
incl. 19% VAT* € 809.20 € 1,892.10
*VAT does not apply to companies located outside Germany
FSI Cache Upgrade
Basic to Enterprise
Net Price € 980.00
incl. 19% VAT* € 1,166.20
*VAT does not apply to companies located outside Germany